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Welcome to the cake loving home of Enthusiasm on Darkmoon Faire!

To potential new Enthusiasts that would like to join our wonderful, cake-loving guild:

Enthusiasm is a 10-man raiding guild with focus on friendship and equality. Everyone is valuable in their own way! The guild has been around since 2009 and contains a warm, fuzzy family atmosphere. We want members that are mature, fun-loving, polite and friendly, and that prefers to be with a social, relaxed raiding guild. A good sense of humour is important, since we love to hang around on Mumble (our version of Ventrilo) and just joke and have fun.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Enthusiast, then please go ahead and fill out the application! We strongly encourage you to take your time when doing so, since applications that is thoughtless, short and loveless usually don`t make it. If we find your application satisfying, you will be invited to a interview in-game, where we will have a chat just to get a feeling of whether or not you will be a good fit for the guild and if we`re a good fit for you!

Important: We want you to read our Guild Rules and Raiding Rules thoroughly before applying.

Our raid progression can be found here.

For those interested; Our Recruitment add can be found at: WoW Recruitment Forum

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Squashing bugs!

Optica, Feb 4, 14 4:59 AM.
Yaay! Another new kill, well done everyone! 

Onwards to Garrosh we go! /chaaaaaaarge

This will be our last try for tonight

Falkanger, Feb 2, 14 7:56 AM.
And in true Enthusiasm style, it ends up being our best try! One more raid night, another foe down!

All that's left now is a group of old bugs and Garrosh himself. Don't feel too safe now guys, we're coming for you!

Dino dodo

Falkanger, Jan 28, 14 2:06 AM.
We've met drakes, so-called Generals, and now dinos. But did the sight of a cruel and bad-tempered creature with mighty sharp teeth stop us?

Of course not! Now, what will they throw at us next?

Plunder and thunder!

Falkanger, Jan 20, 14 4:53 PM.
Garrosh and his forces are doing their best to keep us away, but we're steadily heading deeper and deeper into the caverns below Orgrimmar. Looting and plundering was on the menu tonight, and we ended up with some nice shinies from it!

And there was much rejoice!

Not so tough now eh?!

Optica, Jan 13, 14 5:39 PM.
Woohoo! A new year is upon us and we've started cleaning out Siege of Orgrimmar again, resulting in a new kill! Well done everyone :) Spoils is next!


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People who share our relaxed-but-somewhat focused view of raiding and who fit in with our little community are almost always welcome, given that they have read our Guild and Raid Rules. We are not recruiting any specific classes or roles, we think that people should play whatever they feel is the most fun!
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